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Guilt-Free Desserts

Wouldn’t it be nice to indulge on sweet sumptuous desserts without feeling a sense of guilt?

GF Desserts stands for guilt-free desserts that are 100% raw vegan, gluten-free and have no refined sugar added. What’s more, our raw desserts are absolutely delectable, despite being less-calorie dense than regular sugary sweets. We believe that indulgence on desserts doesn’t have to demolish a healthy diet; discover a world of plant-based cheesecakes and pies that have zero empty calories, yet taste as good as they look!

We stand for a healthy lifestyle, disclosure of physical potential and optimal eating behavior! Our desserts are guilt-free in every sense. They contain only healthy fats and zero refined sugar, which makes them a perfect treat for those who wish to remain fit, healthy and energetic. We don’t use any animal products or their derivatives. We do our best to rely on Switzerland-grown fruits and berries, Organic ingredients and Fair-Trade produce to ensure the lowest ecological footprint possible.

Guilt-Free Desserts is an online dessert boutique, which delivers high-quality cakes, tarts and sweet treats in Geneva, Switzerland.

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