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About Us

We love to have a delicious dessert once in a while, without compromising on health. Having experienced a bitter aftertaste of guilt after indulging on traditional baked desserts, we realised that being on a plant-based diet is not enough to be truly healthy and fit. Since then, we became passionate to show the world that not all vegan desserts are created equal. One of the miraculous things about raw vegan treats is that they are actually healthy for you – be it a slice of creamy cheesecake or a sumptuous chocolate brownie.

When fruits, vegetables and nuts aren’t cooked or heated, nutrients and enzymes are left intact. In contrast, exposing plant-based food to heat above 120° F or 49° C may kill enzymes. Additionally, vitamins and minerals may also be denaturalised or destroyed during the heating process. We’re keen on preserving natural goodness in all our desserts. There is no sweeter way to get your enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fiber than indulging on a Guilt-Free treat!

We soak and sprout seeds, nuts and grains to ensure that they are easy to digest and your body can access their full nutritional profile. Once sprouted, almonds, walnuts and pecans are dried for 24 hours in a specially constructed dryer, which uses fresh air and has a maximum temperature of 42 °Celsius.

We freeze-dry, store and powder Local Berries when they are in season to ensure that all GF pies and tarts are infused with vitamins.

We open Young Thai Coconuts by hand and use fresh coconut meat to make an incredibly fluffy and velvety cheese cream.

We opt for Swiss and Organic Ingredients at our best capacity to maximally reduce the ecological footprint from production.

These raw vegan cooking techniques demonstrate our commitment to quality and ethical values that stand behind each Guilt-Free Dessert. Hours, days and sometimes weeks were spent perfecting our plant-based recipes, so that you can enjoy the best naturally healthy cakes & pies.

A Healthy Sweet Life begins with Guilt-Free Desserts!